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Property Development


Darwin International Airport (DIA) incorporates 87 hectares of undeveloped airport property, which is high value land adjacent to that required for aviation-related and ancillary support uses.

DIA is well-situated as the gateway to both the city of Darwin and the Northern Territory, which in turn is well-situated geographically, politically and economically for dynamic opportunities in the Asia Pacific region.

The 87 hectares of undeveloped land have been divided into four broad land uses:

Business park

Facilitates commercial and business development benefiting from a location close to the airport and central to Darwin’s northern suburbs. This area provides sites with good vehicular access to the arterial road network and internal airport roads, and allows for a range of land uses and lot sizes.

Airport business

encourages the development of a range of commercial/business enterprises. This land ensures a central and convenient location for gateway commercial development, adjacent to the main access roads to and from the terminal precinct with good access to the arterial road network.

Service industry

Encourages and facilitates service and light industry requiring a location close to the airport. This area provides large sites with services and good vehicular access and allows for a range of land uses.

Tourist facilities

encourages viable tourist/visitor development allowing for land uses, including retail and trading, retail food outlets, convention/function facilities, sports and recreation, hotel/resort and office/administration.


Resources for Tenants

Please use the Tenant Contact Form to update your contact details, submit a maintenance request or learn more about services and facilities management with the DIA Tenant Handbook.

Tenant Maintenance Request Form
DIA Tenant Handbook
Tenant Location Plan
DIA Precincts Plan
DIA Environment Management Handbook
Tenant Maintenance Request Form


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Building Approvals

Building activity at Darwin International Airport (DIA) is subject to statutory controls under the Airports Act 1996 and the Airports (Building Control) Regulations 1996. The Building Approvals Process ensures compliance with requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and relevant Australian standards. 

Please refer to the DIA Building Approvals Guide for information on the Building Approval Process:
DIA Building Approvals Guide
DIA Building Approval Process Flowchart
List of Current Building Approvals
List of Current Projects


The Airports Act 1996
The Airports (Building Control) Regulations 1996  
The Airports (Environmental Protection) Regulations 1997  
Airports (Protection of Airspace) Regulations 1996
Air Navigation Act 1920
The Aviation Transport Security Act 2004
The Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005
Northern Territory Work Health and Safety (National Uniform Legislation) Act and Regulations 2011
Disability Discrimination Act of 1992
Disability (Access to Premises - Buildings) Standards 2010
Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002
2010 Airport Master Plan  
DIA Environment Strategy
2005 Landscape Masterplan
DIA Landscape Treatment Hierarchy
DIA Technical Guidelines
DIA Specifications for Drafting

Application Forms

Stage 3 - Initial building requirements and supply connections

Application for Building Activity Consent
Application for Electricity Supply
Application for Potable Water Connection
Application for Sewerage Connection
Plume Rise Assessment Application
Trade Waste Application
Application to install an aerial, antenna or satellite dish
Locality Map

Stage 4 - Permits and Approvals before build

Application for a Building Permit
Application for a Works Permit
Application for a Demolition Authorisation
Additional Attachments for Building Approvals
Certification - Design
Certification - Intention to Inspect

Stage 5 - Commence work

Permission to Commence Work (PERCOW)
Approved Contractor Registration
DIA Site Rule

Stage 6 - Working area permits and notices

WASIN (Works Area Service Interruption Notice)
HV Access Permit
HV Electrical Vicinity Permit
Excavation Permit
Hot Works Permit (welding, cutting, grinding)
Fire Services Impairment Permit
Roof Access Permit
LV Electrical Access Permit
Confined Space Access Permit
Crane Permit
Use of Chemicals (Weed Killers, Pest Control) Permit 
Working at Heights Permit

Stage 7 - Final inspection

Application for Final Inspection

Stage 8 - Compliance ABC documents

Certificate of Compliance for Occupancy
Certificate of Compliance for Use
Certificate of Compliance Requirements
Certification - Inspection on Completion

Permit Contacts

Crane Permit WHS
Advisor: +61 8 8920 1969
Airside Support Officer: +61 8 8920 1830
Airport Duty Manager: +61 401 005977

Excavation Permit
Airside Support Officer: +61 8 8920 1830

Hot Work Permit
Airside Support Officer: +61 8 8920 1830
Maintenance Coordinator: +61 8 8920 1943

Fire Services Impairment Permit
Electrical Maintenance Coordinator: +61 8 8920 1849
Maintenance Coordinator: +61 8 8920 1943

Confined Space Permit
WHS Advisor: +61 8 8920 1969

LV Electrical Access Permit
Electrical Maintenance Coordinator: +61 8 8920 1849

HV Electrical Vicinity Permit
Electrical Maintenance Coordinator: +61 8 8920 1849

Terminal Services Building
WHS Advisor: +61 8 8920 1969
Senior ADM: +61 8 8920 1804

Electrical/Communication Cabling
Permit Electrical Maintenance Coordinator: +61 8 8920 1849

Trade Waste Documents

DIA Trade Waste Information Sheet
Standards for trade waste discharged to the sewerage - Schedule 6 & 7 Trade Waste Code
Trade Waste Application

Expressions of Interest

For all enquiries relating to aeronautical and non-aeronautical property, please contact:

Ross Baynes
Director Property, Northern Territory Airports Pty Ltd

1 Fenton Court Eaton NT 0820
PO Box 40996 Casuarina NT 0811 
T: +61 8 8920 1803
M: +61 409 107 288
F +61 8 8920 1800

Patrick Bellot
Project Development Manager, Northern Territory Airports Pty Ltd

1 Fenton Court Eaton NT 0820
PO Box 40996 Casuarina NT 0811 
T: +61 8 8920 1825
M: +61 416 945 827