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Contractors & Staff


Airports operate within a highly regulated environment and special conditions apply to contractors which may not apply at other sites.

All service providers (contractors, including sub-contractors and their employees and agents) engaged to carry out works for Darwin International Airport (DIA) must register and become an Approved Contractor with the DIA Infrastructure, Planning & Environment Department before a Permit to Commence Work will be issued.

All contractors must complete and pass the relevant inductions which are a mandatory requirement with the objective to protect contractors, employees, members of the public, and the assets of DIA from potential hazards.

How to become a DIA approved contractor

Complete and submit the Contractor Registration Form.

Read and Understand the Site Rules for Contractors.

Complete the Contractor Induction.

Complete the Drug and Alcohol Management Plan Induction.

Obtain relevant Identification

If you are required to operate in any of the airport’s secure areas, you will also need to obtain a relevant identification card. Please see the Identification Cards and Access Control section for further information.

If you are unsure of your requirements, please speak to your NT Airports Authorised Person (Work Coordinator or Project Manager).

For further information please contact:

DIA Infrastructure, Planning & Environment Department
Airport Management Centre
1 Fenton Court, Eaton NT 0820
T: +61 8 8920 1811 | F: +61 8 8920 1800 | E:
PO Box 40996 Casuarina NT 0811

Staff Vehicles and Parking

The Staff Car Park facility is provided by Darwin International Airport (DIA) for use by airport staff only.

How to apply for Staff Car Park access

A company applying for Staff Car Park access must be able to demonstrate that its employees are required to work within the Terminal Building as part of their regular employment duties.

Staff Car Park Access Cards

Staff Car Park Access Cards are issued to companies and not on an individual basis.

It is the company’s responsibility to administer the allocation of Staff Card Park Access Cards to its employees and also to notify DIA of any lost, stolen or damaged cards.

Apply for a Staff Car Park Access Card

To apply for a Staff Car Park Access Card please complete form:

Staff Car Park Access Card Application

Please submit completed applications to or

FAO: Ground Transport Coordinator       
DIA PO Box 40996
Casuarina NT 0811
In person
Terminal Control Centre (TCC)          
Gate A, Ground Floor
DIA Terminal Building
In person
Airport Management Centre (AMC)
1 Fenton Court
Eaton, NT 0820

For further information on the Staff Card Park, or information regarding the General Aviation Car Park, including current pricing schedules, please contact the DIA Ground Transport Coordinator on:

T: (08) 8920 1974

Staff Car Park annual access fee

The Staff Car Park annual access fee is charged per Access Card, and applies for the full financial year.

The access fee payable will be calculated pro-rata from the month of card issue through to 30 June.

Replacement Access Cards due to loss, theft or damage will be charged at an additional $35 for each replacement.

Staff Induction

DIA firmly believes a thorough induction process is absolutely vital for new members of our team. Our engaging and supportive induction program – tailored for each role - ensures new team members are settled in and productive quickly and happily.