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Masks are no longer required in NT airport terminals.


Our Company


Airport Development Group (ADG) acquired a lease for the three Airport Development Group (comprising Darwin International Airport, Alice Springs Airport and Tennant Creek Airport) from the Commonwealth Government with a commencement date of 10 June 1998.

ADG is the ultimate parent company of the group (view company structure diagram). ADG owns 100% of Airport Development Group Pty Ltd (ADGPL) which, in turn, owns 100% of Darwin International Airport Pty Ltd (DIA) and Alice Springs Airport Pty Ltd (ASA) who are respectively the holders of a 50 year lease over Darwin International Airport and Alice Springs Airport with free options to renew for a further 49 years.

ADG also owns 100% of Tennant Creek Airport Pty Ltd (TCA) who are the holders of a 50 year lease over Tennant Creek Airport with free option for a further 49 years. 

ADG is majority Australian owned, a requirement of the Airports Act 1996.

View current ADG ownership structure.

In our direct airport companies, we employ over 80 full-time employees and contract many other personnel to provide key airport services. Together with our airline customers, we handled over 2.4 million arriving, departing and transit passengers, and the combination of all of the on airport and off-airport businesses that support them contribute over 1.5% of the Gross State Product of the Northern Territory. Moreover, we employ over 1600 people when including our airline customers. 


Mike Mrdak (Chair)

Mike joins ADG with extensive aviation, infrastructure and telecommunications experience through his Departmental Secretary roles in the Australian Public Service, including Secretary of the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development and Secretary of the Department of Communications and the Arts. Mike’s career achievements in aviation include early-stage development of Western Sydney Airport and being a driving force behind the national regulatory and policy settings for the sector.

Mike is also the Non-Executive Chair of NEC Australia and was awarded an Officer of the Order of Australia in 2016 in recognition of his significant contributions to the public service.

Michael Landman (Director)
IFM Investors

Michael is responsible for the origination, analysis, structure and execution of fund investments, along with ongoing management of assets within the existing infrastructure portfolio.

Prior to joining IFM Investors, Michael was involved with industrial reserach and development, oil and gas exploration, field development, engineering and planning, and strategy development and execution at BHP Billiton. He led a number of oil and gas asset transaction on behalf of BHP Billiton as Manager, Acquisitions and divestments.  He represents IFM Investors as a Director on the boards of Airport Motorway Ltd and Interlink Roads.

Karen Green (Director)
IFM Investors

Karen has extensive experience in business advisory and financial services across the public and private sectors.

During a 29-year career at Deloitte, Karen served as Managing Partner, Northern Territory and currently serves on the Northern Territory National Security Advisory Panel and on the Australian Institute of Company Directors NT Committee. Karen has previously served on the Darwin Port Corporation and the Business Advisory Council for the Department of Trade Business, Innovation.

Simon Parbery (Director)
Palisade Partners

Simon joined Palisade in February 2014, with a focus on asset origination, acquisition and management. Simon is also responsible for the development and execution of financial strategies to optimise capital structures across the Palisade portfolio and manages the firm’s relationships with bank and capital market funding providers.

Immediately prior to joining Palisade, Simon was an experienced member of RBC Capital Markets’ Global Investment Banking Team, with 3 years advising clients across the infrastructure and utilities sectors. Prior to joining RBC Simon was a member of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ specialist Infrastructure Advisory practice, with 5 years advising clients across a range of infrastructure transactions, and 1 year as part of PwC’s financial modelling group, specialising in the build and review of complex financial models.

Prior to joining PwC, Simon was a member of Aon’s Risk Consulting practice, specialising in business risk and insurance-based consulting.

Simon is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, a member of CPA Australia and holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Macquarie University.

Kelvin Wong (Alternate Director)
Palisade Partners

Kelvin joined Palisade in 2016, with a focus on asset acquisition and management.

Immediately prior to joining Palisade, Kelvin was an Associate with Barclays PLC focused on originating and executing utilities and infrastructure transactions in both an advisory and a financing capacity. Kelvin was responsible for developing complex financial models and assisting clients with analysis, due diligence and investment committee processes.

Before joining Barclays PLC, Kelvin was a Manager in the project finance team at ANZ Banking Group, responsible for executing and financing ports, toll roads, PPPs and other infrastructure assets.

Kelvin holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) majoring in Finance and Accounting from the University of New South Wales, a Graduate Certificate of Management from the University of Melbourne - Melbourne Business School. Kelvin is also a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Josh Norton (Director)
IFM Investors

Josh joined IFM Investors in 2014, and is responsible for the origination and execution of fund investments along with ongoing asset and portfolio management activities within IFM Investors’ existing infrastructure portfolio. He has experience across a range of infrastructure sectors, having been involved in several transactions during his time at IFM Investors as well as asset management activities across IFM Investors’ airports, utilities and PPP investments. He also represents IFM Investors as an Alternate Director on the board of Australia Pacific Airports Corporation (the operator of Melbourne and Launceston Airports).

Prior to joining IFM Investors, Josh held roles with Federation Centres and KPMG, specialising in corporate finance and financial services.

Josh is a CFA Charterholder, Chartered Accountant and Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, having earlier completed a Bachelor of Commence from Monash University.

Vision, Purpose and Values


To be the most successful airport business in Australasia.

We will achieve this by:

  • developing a commercial non-aviation property portfolio of more than $200 million
  • growing passengers to three million at DIA and 700 000 at ASA
  • maintaining the respect of all of our airline customers
  • creating a positive work environment and making ADG an attractive place to work
  • being recognised as a significant contributor to the NT economy
  • ensuring development is done in accordance with the airport Master Plans and the Airport Environment Strategies
  • securing strong and diverse community support for our airport businesses
  • continuing to outperform other Australasian airports’ growth of Total Shareholder Return


Our purpose is to provide safe, efficient and environmentally sound services that represent value for money for our customers, and optimise the financial returns to our shareholders.

We will do this by:

  • operating safe and secure airports
  • providing outstanding customer service
  • developing a sustainable aviation and non-aviation airport business
  • excelling in environmental and financial management
  • maximising long term value for our shareholders
  • contributing to the NT’s economic growth and our community


We recognise that stakeholders and the community judge us by the way we act. Our reputation is paramount and as a result, we will act with honesty and integrity at all times.

Our workplace reflects our corporate values.

Safety first
Safety is our number one priority.

Customer focussed
Our customers are important and our focus on their needs will ensure our relevance and success.

Honesty and integrity
We are honest, ethical and professional in all that we do.

We will deliver on our commitments and take ownership of our responsibilities.

Innovative and creative
We encourage new thinking in our team.

Respect for each other
Our people are our most important resource and we appreciate their values, respect their rights, promote their talents and reward their commitment.

Community engagement
We are an important part of the communities in which we operate and we will seek to engage with them at all levels.

Team work
We will work together to achieve the collective goals

Environmentally responsible
We take stewardship of our environment seriously.


Darwin International Airport Complaints Procedure

Your feedback regarding Darwin International Airport (DIA) is important and helps us to improve systems and services. If you have a complaint or comment about your visit to the airport (e.g. terminal presentation, signage, parking, retail), please send an email to

What information should I provide when lodging a complaint?

When lodging your complaint, please provide as much information as possible. We’ll need to know the date and time of your visit to the airport, a description of the issue and any relevant details, as well as contact information so we can advise you on your complaint’s progression. Complaints about airline services such as baggage or flights will need to be directed to the airline; you can find contact details here.

How will I know my feedback is being addressed?

Upon receipt of your complaint, we will provide an acknowledgment, either verbally or by email that your feedback is being addressed. From there, the detail you have provided will be used to investigate the issue with the relevant managers and a response will be prepared. Depending on the complexity of the complaint, this response may take up to 20 working days.

How do I escalate a complaint?

If you are not satisfied with the response to your formal complaint, you may request a review by the CEO of DIA. A review is requested by communicating in writing. Unless the matter is a complex one, you can expect a response from the CEO dated no longer than 15 working days from receipt of your request for the CEO review. The response from the CEO will be the final communication with you on this complaint.

ADG Whistleblower Policy

Airport Development Group Pty Limited (and its Subsidiaries) (ADG) is committed to conducting its business operations and affairs with honesty and integrity and to engaging in ethical decision-making, being legally compliant and acting consistently with good corporate governance standards and community expectations.

As such, from 1 August 2021 ADG adopted a new Whistle Blower Policy (which can be found on the intranet and website) to encourage the reporting of any wrongdoing through an external, independent and secure provider known as Your Call. This new policy has been approved by ADG’s Board of Directors.

ADG strongly encourages and provides a readily accessible means to report undesirable behaviours such as unethical, unlawful, fraudulent or other misconduct involving ADG, any member of ADG or any director, officer or employee of, or contractor, supplier to or other person dealing with, these entities.

ADG will ensure that whistle blower reporters can make reports under the new policy anonymously (if they so choose) and confidentially without fear of intimidation, retaliation or adverse employment action being taken against them.

Download ADG Whistleblower Policy

Noise complaints

Civilian Aircraft Noise Complaints

Airservices Australia is responsible for managing and monitoring the impact of civilian aircraft noise. If you have an enquiry relating to flight paths or aircraft noise and would like to lodge a complaint, you can do so via their website.

Further resources:

Since October 2012, Airservices has produced quarterly Noise Information Reports for major urban areas. These include information and analysis on aircraft movements, noise monitoring and complaint issues. Download the most recent report for Darwin.

Airservices Australia provides many other resources regarding Australian aviation noise including Fact Sheets, access to relevant legislation, regulation and aviation policy and aircraft noise monitoring reports. Please visit the Airservices Australia website to access this information.

Military Aircraft Noise Complaints

Darwin International Airport is a Joint User Airport with RAAF Base Darwin meaning both civil and military operations occur at this airport.  For all military aircraft noise complaints, please call the defence hotline and ask to speak with RAAF Base Darwin. 

Tel: 1300 DEFENCE (1300 333 3623) 

Further resources:

Department of Defence Aircraft Noise Information

Australian Government portal for Aviation Complaints

Ground Running Noise Complaints

Darwin International Airport is responsible for all civilian aircraft ground running noise.  Please contact the Airport Management Centre to lodge a complaint. 

Tel. 08 8920 1811