Visitor Identification Card

Valid Visitor Identification Cards (VICs) are required for employees and companies working at Darwin International Airport. Find out how to apply.

Visitors access

In order to work in secure areas of the airport, you are required to obtain and correctly display a valid Identification Card. Access to secure areas of Darwin International Airport (DIA) is controlled via locked doors with electronic access control or electronic locks/padlocks

All visitors without an ASIC who require access to secure areas of the airport and have a valid operational need, must obtain a Visitor Identification Card (VIC) and be supervised by a person holding a valid ASIC at all times.

To apply for a VIC, you will need to complete the VIC application form and present it to a VIC issuing agent. You will also need to be accompanied by a valid ASIC holder at the time of issue.

Issuing agents at DIA:

  • Terminal Control Centre, Gate A, Ground Floor (opposite Pronto cafe): Monday to Friday - 0800-1400
  • Oversized Baggage Counter (near carousel 2): Outside above hours

You may only be issued up to a total of 28 days worth of VICs within a 12 months period. If you require access for longer than 28 days, you must apply for an ASIC. After you have submitted your application for an ASIC, you must present your confirmation of ASIC submission from the issuing body you applied through, in order for us to exempt you from the 28 days rule.

Returning your identification card
Failure to return your ASIC or VIC may result in a penalty being issued to you of up to $2,100. 

By law, you must return your ASIC card within 30 days if it has;

  • Expired;
  • Cancelled;
  • Damaged, Defaced or Altered;
  • You no longer have an operational need.

Terminal Control Centre (TCC)
The TCC is located down the end of Gate A on the ground floor, opposite Pronto Cafe and is open Monday to Friday 0800 - 1400.

If you have an urgent enquiry outside of these hours, please contact the DIA Airport Duty Manager (ADM) on 0401 005 977 or email at