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Changes to Parking, Roadworks and Masks at Darwin International Airport

The 2-minute express drop off/pick up zones at Darwin Airport have changed to immediate set down/pick up only. Vehicles will not be able to wait for passengers in these zones. Free 15-minute parking continues to be available in the short-term car park. We recommend all travellers allow additional time to travel to and from the airport.


Masks are no longer required in NT airport terminals.


Identification Cards

In order to work in secure areas of the airport, you are required to obtain and correctly display a valid Identification Card. Access to secure areas of Darwin International Airport (DIA) is controlled via locked doors with electronic access control or electronic locks/padlocks.


If you are a new company operating at DIA, you will be required to register with the DIA Security Department before you are able to obtain Identification Cards, Access Control permissions or Electronic Keys. To register, please complete the following form and return it to our office (Terminal Control Centre, Gate A, Ground Floor) in person or via post. We require the original copy with original signatures.

DIA Business Registration - Form-S001

Aviation Security Identification Cards (ASICs)

An ASIC is a nationally consistent identification card which is used to identify a person who has been the subject of a background check by the Department of Home Affairs. Anyone that works at Darwin International Airport that has an operational need for unescorted access in secure areas of the airport must hold a valid ASIC

How to apply for an ASIC

On the 18th December 2019; Darwin International Airport ceased as an issuing body for ASICs.

To apply for an ASIC, please visit the Veritas website at to complete the online application.

If you require an AUS ASIC, make sure you select DRW Airport as one of the airports to ensure you are prompted to complete the induction and receive an access card.

Returning your ASIC

By law, you must return your ASIC card within 30 days if it has;

  • Expired;
  • Cancelled;
  • Damaged, Defaced or Altered;

You must also return your ASIC card within 30 days if you no longer have an operational need to work in secure areas of an airport.

Failure to return your card may result in a penalty being issued to you of up to $2,100

Check the back side of your ASIC card to find out where and how to return the card, or contact 1300 837 482.

Visitor Identification Cards (VICs)

All visitors without an ASIC who require access to secure areas of the airport and have a valid operational need, must obtain a Visitor Identification Card (VIC) and by supervised by a person holding a valid ASIC at all times.

How do I get a VIC?

To apply for a VIC, you will need to complete this form, and present it to a VIC issuing agent.

You will also need to be accompanied by a valid ASIC holder at the time of issue.

What ID do I need to bring?

You will need to present one of the following forms of ID;

  • Driver licence (Australian or Foreign)
  • Passport
  • Australian proof of age card
  • Adult firearms or shooters licence
  • Australian security licence
  • Working with vulnerable people card
  • Embassy/Consulate photo identity card.

The ID you present must not be expired, and it must be the original document. Photocopies or a photo on your phone of your ID, is not acceptable.

VIC Issuing Agents

Terminal Control Centre, Gate A, Ground Floor (opposite Giancarlos Café)
Monday to Friday; 0800 – 1400hrs.

Oversized Baggage Counter (Near Carousel 2)
Outside of the above hours.

Returning your VIC

You must return your VIC to the place of issue when;

  • You no longer have an operational need
  • It has expired
  • I has been cancelled

Failure to return your card may result in a penalty being issued to you of up to $2,100.

What are the restrictions of obtaining a VIC

You may only be issued up to a total of 28 days’ worth of VICs within a 12 month period. If you require access for longer than 28 days, you must apply for an ASIC.

After you have submitted your application for an ASIC, you must present your confirmation of ASIC submission from the issuing body you applied through, in order for us to exempt you from the 28 day rule.

Access Control

If you hold an ASIC that is issued by an Issuing Body other than DIA, and you require Access Control privileges to gain access through secure areas of the airport, you will need to apply to DIA for Access Control permissions.

The form you complete will be dependent on the type of ASIC you hold. Please see the below sections for further information.

Before Access Control permissions can be granted, you are required to sit a Security & Working on Airport Induction. For more information please refer to the DIA Online Security Induction section.

Access Control on ASIC

If your ASIC was issued by Veritas, it can be coded with Access Control permissions. Complete the following form and return it to our office (Terminal Control Centre, Gate A, Ground Floor) in person. We require the original copy with original signatures.

If you are not sure if your ASIC is able to be coded, then you can test it by badging it on one of the readers at DIA. If the reader beeps and goes red, then your ASIC is able to be coded. : If the reader does not beep, your card is unable to be programmed directly and a separate Access Card will be provided at a cost of $20 inc GST.

DIA Access Control Application – Form-S007

The Access Control permissions on your ASIC will expire on the same date that your ASIC expires. You will need to complete and submit the above form each time you are issued with a new ASIC in order to obtain new Access Control permissions.

Access Control Add or Remove Permissions

Should you require to add or remove Access Control permissions to your ASIC/Access Card please send the request in writing with relevant details of which doors needed and why to or on letterhead in person to the Terminal Control Centre (Gate A) or call 08 8920 1822 with any queries.

Electronic Keys (EKA)

DIA gates and doors that are not fitted with access control readers are controlled via electronic locks and padlocks with access obtained via Electronic Keys.

Electronic Keys are issued to companies that have a valid operational requirement to access certain areas of the airport.

It is the company’s responsibility to ensure that keys are kept under constant control and are only utilised by staff that have a lawful purpose to use them at that time.

How to apply for an Electronic Key

To apply for an Electronic Key, a company must be registered with the DIA Security Department and an authorised signatory must complete the following form and return it to our office (Terminal Control Centre, Gate A, Ground Floor) in person or via post. We require the original copy with original signatures.


There is a $100.00 deposit payable for all DIA issued keys. You must retain your receipt and produce this when returning your key in order to be refunded your deposit, the deposit will only be refunded to the company stated on the receipt. Deposits will be refunded on return of a key less the cost of restoring the key to its original condition, which at a minimum will be a new battery and new tip at approximately $30.00. DIA will determine the final deposit refund applicable

DIA Key Application – Form-S008
Download this guidebook for information about the system


DIA Online Security Induction

All persons obtaining a DIA ASIC, Access Card or Access Control Permissions are required to sit the DIA Online Security Induction.

The induction is a mandatory requirement with the objective of keeping DIA safe and secure for all passengers and staff.

To prepare for your induction, you will need to download and read the guidebook:

DIA Security and Safety Awareness Guide

If you have applied for a DIA ASIC: 

Once you have completed the online ASIC application, you will be prompted to complete the required inductions. You must then lodge your application.

When Veritas receives approval to print your combined ASIC and access card, the ASIC will be printed and dispatched.

If your ASIC requires access control permissions, please bring it in to the Terminal Control Centre (Gate A) along with a completed S007 Access Control Form signed by an Authorised Signatory of your organisation. If you are unsure who the Authorising Signatories are, please call 08 8920 1822 or email

If you are applying for Access Control Permissions, an Access Card or an update to your Access Card: 

You will be required to first sit two inductions: DIA Security & ADG Working on Airport. These inductions are renewed every 2yrs, unless otherwise notified. 

If you have not completed the two inductions, as part of your ASIC new or renew application process, please visit and select ‘Inductions Only’.  


If you have an ASIC issued by an issuing body other than Veritas, you can complete the ‘induction only’ on

Contact the Terminal Control Centre to obtain a separate access card.

  • Applicant full name
  • Organisation name
  • The name of the induction you wish to register for (DIA Security Induction & ADG Working on Airport)


Fees and Payment Options

All application fees are payable at the time of submission. No applications will be accepted without payment. All application fees are non-refundable, even if an application is unsuccessful or cancelled.

DIA accepts the following methods of payment:

  • Cash
  • Credit    
  • Cheque made payable to Darwin International Airport
Checking payment arrangments

Please check with your employer regarding any payment arrangements they have set up with us. Your company has the option of providing DIA with an Ongoing Credit Card Authority Form that will be securely retained by us and used for payment each time the company submits an application.

Alternatively, you can attach a Single Payment Credit Card Authority Form that we will use for one off payment.

DIA Ongoing Credit Card Authority Form
DIA Single Payment Credit Card Authority Form

Please see below for current charges and application forms:

Form Type Application Form Fee (GST incl)
S001 Business Registration DIA Business Registration No Fee
S007 Access Card DIA Access Control Application $20
S007 Access Control DIA Access Control Application No Fee
S008 Electronic Key DIA Key Application $100 (Deposit)
S014 Visitor Identification Card DIA VIC Pre-Registration No Fee
S015 WTS Electronic Key Waste Transfer Facility Key Application $100 (Deposit)


Identification Cards and Access Control

For enquiries regarding Identification Cards and Access Control, contact us at:

Office Location Postal Address Phone & Email
Terminal Control Centre (TCC) 
Gate A, Ground Floor 
DIA Terminal Building
Darwin International Airport
PO Box 40996 
Casuarina NT 0811
T: (08) 8920 1822 

Terminal Control Centre (TCC)

The TCC is located down the end of Gate A on the ground floor, opposite Giancarlos Café. For opening hours and enquiries, please refer to the details below:

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 0800 – 1400 

Urgent Enquiries

If you have an urgent enquiry outside of these hours, please contact the DIA Airport Duty Manager (ADM) on:

T: 0401 005 977

Staff Vehicles and Parking

The Staff Car Park facility is provided by Darwin International Airport (DIA) for use by airport staff only.

How to apply for Staff Car Park access

A company applying for Staff Car Park access must be able to demonstrate that its employees are required to work within the Terminal Building as part of their regular employment duties.

Staff Car Park Access Cards

Staff Car Park Access Cards are issued to companies and not on an individual basis.

It is the company’s responsibility to administer the allocation of Staff Card Park Access Cards to its employees and also to notify DIA of any lost, stolen or damaged cards.

Apply for a Staff Car Park Access Card

To apply for a Staff Car Park Access Card please complete form:

Staff Car Park Access Card Application

Please submit completed applications to or

FAO: Ground Transport Coordinator       
DIA PO Box 40996
Casuarina NT 0811
In person
Terminal Control Centre (TCC)          
Gate A, Ground Floor
DIA Terminal Building

T: (08) 8920 1822

Staff Car Park annual access fee

The Staff Car Park annual access fee is charged per Access Card, and applies for the full financial year.

The access fee payable will be calculated pro-rata from the month of card issue through to 30 June.

Replacement Access Cards due to loss, theft or damage will be charged at an additional $35 for each replacement.

Staff Induction

DIA firmly believes a thorough induction process is absolutely vital for new members of our team. Our engaging and supportive induction program – tailored for each role - ensures new team members are settled in and productive quickly and happily.