Accessible journey

Darwin International Airport aims to provide facilities and services that promote accessibility for all members of the community.

Airline Assistance

If you require special assistance while travelling, please speak with your airline or travel agent when booking your flight. Your airline or agent can help with:

  • Reserving specific seats on the aircraft
  • Providing wheelchair or mobility assistance from check-in to the departure and arrival gate to reclaim your baggage
  • Ensuring you have the any medical clearances you need to fly


Any further questions may be answered on your airline's website; refer to their special assistance policies and procedures for more information. 

  • Find direct contacts for our airline partners here

Disabled parking is located in the public car park and is clearly signposted. There are areas at both arrivals and departures ends of the public car park. The disabled parking is located at the closest point in the car park to the Terminal. An appropriate disabled permit sticker must be displayed to park in these spaces.


A shuttle bus service can be arranged from the Terminal to Darwin CBD or your hotel. 

  • Find more information here
Security screening

Security screening for disabled persons can require additional time, particularly during peak periods. All passengers must undergo the same level of security checks.

Please liaise with the security staff on duty about any concerns you may have, including advising them if you have a medical condition that you are concerned may be affected by the screening process (e.g. pacemakers and cochlear implants). The security screening staff undergo specific training in assisting passengers and visitors with disabilities using screening practice guidelines issued by the Office of Transport Security.

  • Pram, strollers and wheelchairs: Prams, strollers and wheelchairs are allowed entry to the 1st floor departure lounge (sterile area) however they must go through the security screening process. Staff are very familiar with the movement of passengers who are confined to a wheelchair. You should remove any loose items in your possession and place them on the conveyor belt to go though the x-ray machine. You will be required to undergo secondary screening by way of a frisk search. This screening can be done in a private area if requested. Prams and strollers are also required to be screened. You should liaise directly with the airline regarding the carriage of prams or strollers on board the aircraft.
  • Artificial limbs/prostheses: If you have artificial limbs/prostheses, and you are able to pass through the security metal detectors without activating it then no additional provisions are required. However if you are more comfortable with a private screening, please advise the security staff of your condition and a separate screening will be arranged.
  • Walking aids: Walking aids must be screened and as such may require X-Ray or Explosive Trace Detection. Screening points have chairs available for you during this process. 
  • Private screening facilities: Darwin International Airport also has private screening facilities in place for visitors with special needs, should they request this service or if security staff are required to complete additional screening as the visitor travels through the screening point. Please speak to security staff if you require this service. Like many aspects of flying with a disability, simply allow a little more time to pass through security.
Toilet facilities

Dedicated disabled toilet facilities are located on the ground floor, in the domestic departure lounge on the first floor and also in the international arrivals and departures areas.

Assistance dogs

Certified guide dogs, hearing dogs or other assistance dogs that assist a person with a disability are welcome inside the terminal, under the Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dog Act 2009.

Certified assistant dogs should be wearing the appropriate badge on their coat or harness and people accompanied by a dog, including trainers, must also carry an identity card. 

Physical assistance dogs will need to pass through the security screening point if they are going to the sterile departure and arrival area on the first floor. Physical assistance dogs are visually inspected by screening point staff, there is no requirement to remove the dog’s harnesses.

Gardens outside the terminal provide comfort areas for animals. 

First aid room

There is a First Aid Room available at Darwin International Airport.

These rooms are primarily for use during an emergency or first aid incident, however, should a traveller or carer require a private room to administer medication for example, we can provide access. To arrange access to the first aid room, travellers first need to contact the Airport Duty Manager. Please proceed to the phone nearby the Terminal Control Centre (down the corridor opposite Giancarlo, ground level), and follow the prompts to contact the Darwin Airport staff member

Closed caption televisions

Closed captions have been activated on Darwin International Airport televisions where possible.

Disability Access Facilitation Plan

See Disability Access Facilitation Plan