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Darwin International Airport remains open, with the wearing of face masks mandatory and social distancing and hand hygiene recommended.


Queries regarding flights should be directed to airlines and covid queries directed to the NTG Hotline - 1800 193 111 or visit -


For specific information about how Airport Development Group is managing COVID-19 visit - COVID-19 Passenger Information

Repat Flights Commence through DIA

An agreement between the Northern Territory Government and Airport Development Group (ADG) supporting the International Repatriation Program*, will see all health, security and baggage screening of repatriation passengers done in a restricted area on the ground floor of Darwin International Airport (DIA).

Moving the processing of repatriation passengers to DIA will see an increase in the number of Australians that can come home.  Approximately 500-600 additional people per fortnight can now be processed because of the change.

Significant building and capital works have been completed at DIA to achieve physical and atmospheric separation of domestic and repatriation passengers.  In addition, the new repatriation processing area has single entry and exit points.

ADG Executive General Manager Rob Porter said ADG empathises with the plight of Australian’s stranded overseas and supports all endeavours to safely bring more Australians home.

“We believe that bringing more Aussies home is very important and these changes will give that result.”

“The construction works that have been undertaken at DIA have been well planned and thoughtfully considered, with input from all stakeholders and contractors.”

“The area is now secure and separate, providing a controlled area for processing of repatriation passengers by the appropriate local and federal agencies.”

“In moving the processing of repatriation passengers to the DIA terminal we have not compromised the safety of terminal users or our community.”

The DIA map shows the ground floor terminal; including the Domestic Travel area – where domestic travellers will arrive and depart and the Restricted Area - where repatriation passengers will enter and exit the terminal and all processing and screening will take place.

Download PDF Map

* “The Provision of COVID-19 Quarantine Arrangements at the Northern Territory Centre for National Resilience for Organised National Repatriation of Australians”