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Changes to Parking, Roadworks and Masks at Darwin International Airport

The 2-minute express drop off/pick up zones at Darwin Airport have changed to immediate set down/pick up only. Vehicles will not be able to wait for passengers in these zones. Free 15-minute parking continues to be available in the short-term car park. We recommend all travellers allow additional time to travel to and from the airport.


Masks are no longer required in NT airport terminals.


Our Commitment

Darwin International Airport (DIA) is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and environment for its employees, contractors and stakeholders.

View our safety policy:

Health and Safety Policy

Safety Bulletins

Darwin International Airport provides safety information relating to relevant topics to assist airport stakeholders to manage their safety.

2019 Safety Bulletins

2019 01                       Penalty Points System – Airside Drivers
2019 02                       Masonry Wall Safety – Airport construction work
2019 03                       Changed Pedestrian Crossings – Henry Wrigley Dr
2019 04                       Melioidosis Warning
2019 05                       Staff Car Park Access Safety
2019 06                       DIA Solar Farm incident & restricted access
2019 07                       Dnata Carpark Traffic Flow
2019 08                       DIA Terminal Roof Access Induction
2019 09                       Safety when working near machinery
2019 10                       Road safety strategy - DIA East End Precinct
2019 11                       Henry Wrigley in-bound - Keep Clear zones
2019 12                       Ensure electrical switchboards are locked
2019 13                       DIA East End Waste Station - Safe Use
2019 14                       DIA Operations updates and changes
2019 15                       Report all incidents
2019 16                       Airside PPE clarification advice
2019 17                       Using Airport Carparks
2019 18                       DIA Waste Station - Hard Waste Bin Trial

2020 Safety Bulletins

2020 13                      Disposal of face masks
2020 12                      Peewee nesting season
2020 11                      CID Intrusion Detectors Activated 
2020 10                      Clearances and Safety Distances to Operate Aircraft
2020 09                      Airside Driving
2020 08                      Accessing DIA Terminal Roof
2020 07                      Not issued
2020 06                      PFAS Impacts and Controls
2020 05                      Osgood Dr - Extra truck activity 
2020 04                      Hard waste bin trial - DIA East End Waste Station 
2020 03                      CEO Contractor Safety Award
2020 02                      Coronavirus update
2020 01                       RPT Apron airside road - changed conditions

2021 Safety Bulletins

2021 01                       RPT Apron – Bay 21 - B763 operations
2021 02                       RPT Apron - Bay 11A – B789 operations
2021 03                       DIA FOH – Shared zones & reduce speed limit
2021 04                       DIA Waste Transfer Station
2021 05                       DIA FOH Express Drop-off lane
2021 06                       DIA Rental Car Safety
2021 07                       DIA Pedestrian access to & from terminal & hotels
2021 08                       Changed Airside Road Conditions - Crane Operations - Bay 2
2021 09                       Operating During Thunderstorm Conditions

2022 Safety Bulletins


If you have any safety queries or you have identified a potential hazard you would like to report, please contact the Health and Safety Manager for Airport Development Group, Steve Caldwell. 

T: (08) 8920 1969
M: 0402 782 375 

Task-based risk assessment - Take 5

All Airport Development Group (ADG) staff and contractors that conduct work activities with the potential to cause harm or damage on ADG sites must conduct a task-based risk assessment prior to undertaking work.  This is a dynamic risk assessment undertaken on the site prior to the work commencing and the recommended method is using a Take 5 risk assessment in conjunction with a safe work method statement (SWMS).

For more information, please refer to the Take 5 – Risk Assessment Procedure.

ADG can provide a Take 5 booklet and if required please make your request to for consideration.

Airport Safety Week

October is National Safe Work Month, a national initiative to promote health and safety in workplaces across the country. One week is dedicated specifically to Airport Safety, bringing airport communities together with a common cause – to create a safe environment where airport stakeholders and the general public can work cohesively.

With events across Darwin and Alice Springs Airports, Airport Safety Week is themed with various events taking place for airport staff to attend and further their knowledge of what makes a safe working environment. 

Download the 2020 National Safe Work Month report here

Download the 2018 National Safe Work Month Summary of Events here

Download the 2018 National Safe Work Month Precis of Events here

Download the 2017 National Safe Work Month Summary of Events here

Download the 2015 National Safe Work Month report here

Download the 2016 National Safe Work Month report here

Reporting Events

All accidents (including motor vehicle accidents - MVA), incidents, near misses and hazards that occur on the airport site are required to be reported to Airport Development Group.  If you need to report a hazard, near miss, accident or incident please complete the following forms and / or send an email with all the details to

Terminal Emergency Procedures

DIA Terminal Emergency Procedures

Ladder Safety

Ladders are potentially dangerous pieces of equipment if they are not selected carefully to suit the task, if damaged or not used correctly.

At Airport Development Group, we are committed to providing a safe workplace, and to this end, we are very strict on ladder safety.

If you are going to use a ladder at Darwin International or Alice Springs Airports, you must ensure you have the right equipment for the task, and to assist you in this process, please use the Ladder Selection Checklist or Ladder Safety presentation below.

Ladder Selection Checklist
Ladder Safety Toolbox Presentation

Working on DIA Terminal Roof

Working on the DIA terminal roof is restricted to approved personnel who have been inducted in accordance with the DIA Terminal Roof Procedures (refer link below).

To complete the induction, contact your DIA Authorised person or the ADG Health & Safety Manager on

DIA Terminal Roof Procedures

Accessing Water Tower

Access to the Water Tower is strictly restricted to contractors and staff who are authorised to do so, and must be done by instructed personnel in accordance with the Water Tower Access Procedure.

Bicycles Airside

DIA has a requirement to strictly control the use of bicycles airside. Airside use of bicycles policy.

Spill Management procedure

DIA Spill management procedure 

Electrical Safety Management Plan

Airport Development Group has a legal obligation under NT Work Health and Safety Act to manage risks to health and safety associated with electrical risks in the work place. The Electrical Safety Management Plan specifies the minimum requirements for managing electrical risks for ADG employees and their contractors and applies to all electrical work.

Electrical Safety Management Plan